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Phone Smart Hawaii Un-Conference

The Mauna Lani Bay Hotel and Bungalow

PhoneSmart's Hawaii Un-Conference spurs Business Innovations and Donations.

PhoneSmart recently completed its 2011 Hawaii Un-Conference on the beautiful big island of Hawaii. 25 attendees and 20 guests enjoyed a week of networking, socializing and studying website conversion science.

The first day began with a beachside reception on the opening night, featuring a beautiful Hula dancer and a telescope to view the extra space in the universe. The Hula dancing was a great way to spread the Aloha spirit, and Saturn, the Moon and a far off galaxy were all amazing to look at.

Leis were presented to all attendees. Special guests Stacey Irwin and Gilbert Wylie were also in attendance as the winners of the free trip to the Hawaii UnConference giveaway. Ms. Irwin's name was selected at random from the names of people who had entered the drawing at trade shows and through the PhoneSmart Hawaii UnConference community page Facebook promotions. Ms Irwin and Mr. Wylie won free airfare, five hotel nights and unconference registration worth an estimated $5,000.00.

On the second day, Hawaiian cultural and spiritual leader Danny Akaka introduced the group to local history, lore and music. Extra Space Management followed with an engaging presentation of how and why Extra Space has been able to handily beat its peer group in revenue growth, expense management and net operating income growth over the last several years. A great discussion of rate management, internet marketing and organizational change leadership followed. The day was capped by the opening module of Brain Massey's three day website conversion science school. His discussion of personas and buying preferences sparked a great discussion of how self storage operators market their properties.

Later on the second day, Barry Hoeven, CEO of US Storage Centers / Wesport Properties hosted a lovely reception at his home. Mr. Hoeven is widely known as the founder of Kure It, an organization devoted to raising two million dollars over the next year to find treatments and cures for kidney cancer. Extra Space Sr. VP and Gold Hawaii Un-Conference sponsor Jim Stevens presented Mr. Hoeven a check of $1,000 for Kure It. PhoneSmart director Tron Jordheim also presented a donation to Kure It on behalf of the PhoneSmart Hawaii UnConference. Kure It has recently partnered with several self storage providers to allow storage customers to round-up their rent payments to benefit Kure It.

The third day was chock full of great networking, great food, and another session from Conversion Scientist Brian Massey, helping attendees understand common best practices and new innovations for website conversions.

Patrick Hurney of West Hawaii Habitat for Humanity gave an engaging presentation on Habitat's work throughout the years and particularly its work on The Big Island. PhoneSmart Director Tron Jordheim presented Mr. Hurney with a check for West Hawaii Habitat for Humanity on behalf of all the PhoneSmart Hawaii Un Conference participants.

Mike Richards of CenterShift gave a very relevant presentation on how new technologies are influencing and driving innovation in the self storage industry. Having worked in the technology field for over 25 years, Mr. Richards had very valuable insights to share. A robust discussion of technology and the shift to mobile devices followed.

The fourth day included much great networking and more meals, as well as the final installment of Brian Massey's website conversion science school. Participants went away with a new perspective on their own internet marketing and an action list of marketing tests and practices to put into place after returning home.

The UnConference moved to the bay at the Mauna Lani Resort after sessions for a snorkel cruise. Some 30 people donned masks and fins to explore the beautiful reefs and view the amazing marine life.

Saturday morning brought the closing ceremony, the UnConference farewell breakfast. This gave everyone one more opportunity for networking, idea exchanges and conversation.

Sponsors for the UnConference included Minico Insurance, provider of property and tenant insurance programs; Mini Storage Messenger, the magazine for the self storage industry; Storiz, the rental generator for storage properties; Adventures, a directional and interactive marketing agency driving the innovations in customer acquisition; Centershift, the self storage property management and revenue management software; SupplySideUSA, the supplier of retail merchandise and merchandising advice for self storage properties; Storage Treasure, the place to manage and promote storage auctions; Automatit, the website and ecommerce site builders; Granite Telecom, the manager of voice and data delivery; US Storage Centers self storage; Buscomm call recording software; and Gold Sponsor Extra Space Management Plus.

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